Registration will be posted for all events occurring the upcoming week. 

We will make every attempt to open registration available by Sunday morning; however, life and other factors may delay the posting. 

At this time no; however, we are continuing to discuss the option of a different event that allows children.

Sorry no.  Due to changing COVID guidelines and state orders we need to manage the events week-by-week. 

Days, times and even venue availability may change at any time.

Currently we are planning every Wednesday Night 6:00p – 10:00p and Friday Night 7:00p – 11:00p.  

Yes, you will need to register for each event.  This is done for two reasons, 1) we are still not a full capacity and we would like to give everyone an opportunity to register,  and 2) we still need registration for contact tracing purposes. 

Please use the Pop Up Mailing list on this, and other, pop up pages. 

All updates will be sent to the newsletter first and then will be added to Facebook pages. 

Not at this time.  We are only accepting cash night of, at the door.

Yes. Until we have permission of the venue to relax mask requirements, you will need to wear a mask, over mouth & nose, while dancing and moving throughout the space.

No.  No outside alcohol will be allowed in the event hall.

A cash bar will be available if the venue is able to supply us staff to work the bar.  If no staff is available we will notify dancers and provide bottles water.

There are numerous places to enter your name and email on this website. 

To attend the event you would have received numerous emails; your TICKET will have your name, the date and a QR code.   If you do not have this QR code, you likely dd not register.

No.  Prospectors nightclub is not yet open.   

This event is being organized by unpaid volunteers who have been given permission to use the catering hall as a venue for their events. 

Prospectors provides us the guidelines and schedule; however the event is run by Pandemic Pop Up Crew

We will be offering  an optional Appetizer Bar for a few hours each event.  The bar will be available for $5 per person at the door.

Yes and No.  If the event is sold out we will not accept walkups the first hour of the event.  

If we have registrants not show after an hour, we will start accepting walk-ups; first come, first serve. You will still need to supply your name and contact information.

Contact events@liveloveline.com to ask them to hold your space.

We do not know. Once Prospectors opens, this site will no longer manage registrations.

Our Wednesday and Friday nights  will not have scheduled lessons.  

We are in discussions with your instructors to discuss the possible  lessons-only events.