Donna and Craig

Ballroom V

8610 Camfield Street, 

Charlotte, NC 28277

Sun, Dec 17, 2023
4:00 PM -
7:00 PM
Ballroom V Dance Floor

Ballroom V - 4:00p - 7:00pm

Ballroom V is a location that experienced dancers can practice/dance dances that are taught “on the dance circuit”.  Dances that are often taught and danced at Line Dance Workshops (e.g. Marathon, NYSOL, Motor City, etc.). 

The dances danced are generally improver / intermediate dances (but not always);  we do get an occasional request for beginner or advanced. 

We generally do not do lessons during this event; however, if time permits, one of the many instructors attending that day maybe willing to do quick 1-wall walkthroughs.


Ballroom V - Dance Request
Date / TimeRequestComments
08/13/2023Faded Dreams, Dumb Luck, Face the Music, Love Love, Diggity Swinging, Waiting for You
08/13/2023I'm Haunted
08/13/2023The Last Hurrah
08/13/2023Watch the Tempo
08/13/2023Would Have Loved Her, 1+1, Driving In My Car
08/13/2023Nothing But You, Good To Go, Suda, The Sphinx
08/13/2023Celtic Duo, Diggin
08/13/2023Portland Cha, Don’t Overthink It, Train Wreck