Donna and Craig

Ballroom V

8610 Camfield Street, 

Charlotte, NC 28277

Another early start this Sunday, July 30th.   Hours for this Sunday will be 3:00pm – 7:00pm. 

Now we need even more requests.


Request Form

Ballroom V - Dance Request


Date / TimeRequestComments
08/13/2023Faded Dreams, Dumb Luck, Face the Music, Love Love, Diggity Swinging, Waiting for You
08/13/2023I'm Haunted
08/13/2023The Last Hurrah
08/13/2023Watch the Tempo
08/13/2023Would Have Loved Her, 1+1, Driving In My Car
08/13/2023Nothing But You, Good To Go, Suda, The Sphinx
08/13/2023Celtic Duo, Diggin
08/13/2023Portland Cha, Don’t Overthink It, Train Wreck