Donna and Craig

American Legion #208

801 E South Main St

Waxhaw, NC 28173

Fri, Dec 1, 2023
7:00 PM -
10:30 PM

American Legion #208 - Waxhaw, NC

“Waxhaw Line Dancing” (‘Waxhaw’) is our time to dance all levels of dance of all genres (country, Main Stream, Pop, Hip Hop). 

"The Requests Define the Night"

This is Line Dance Party that occurs most 1st and 3rd Fridays (and an occasional last Friday) for dancers of all levels.  If you are new to dancing and looking to learn the basics, keep your eyes open for “The Basics” workshop coming soon. 

Each week our dance family brings to Waxhaw a few new/classic dances to teach; a few beg/imp level dances, and at least one intermediate dance. 

As we approach each week, return to this page to enter any requests you may want called the night you are attending.


Online Request Closed. Please write them down and bring them with you.
IDDance RequestCommentsDate
501Dust to Dust09/11/2023
502Project by chase McDaniel09/11/2023
504I’m Haunted09/12/2023
505Move YouBy Simon09/12/2023
506If You Believe09/12/2023
508Crystal Cha09/12/2023
509Can't Catch Me09/12/2023
510Get It Right09/12/2023
515Crowded Mind09/13/2023
516Portland Cha09/13/2023
517Would Have Loved Her09/13/2023
518Till The Neons Gone09/13/2023
521I have a few! I've missed you guys!Recently learned "These Boots" dance with the song Honkey Tonkin About (The Reflows with Drake Milligan), not sure if anyone else knows this one.
Bringing a beginner friend who knows these dances:
Chili Cha cha
Texas Time
Tush push
Cowboy boogie
Cold heart - this might not be the dance name, not sure
522Everyone needs a hero09/14/2023
523The Sphinx09/14/2023
524Raised Like That09/14/2023
526Dim the lights09/14/2023
527Them boots09/14/2023
5283 tequila floor09/14/2023
529The Vibe09/14/2023
530Last hurrah09/14/2023
531Till you can’t.09/14/2023
5323 Tequila Floor09/14/2023
533Dim the Lights09/14/2023
534See below• 3 Tequila Floor
• Dim the Lights
• Players
• Them Boots
• ‘Till you can’t
• The Vibe
• Last Hurrah
• Chill Factor
• Float ya’ boat
• Storm & Stone
• Drinkaby
• Giddy Up! (We don’t want to miss the twain!)
• Seniorita la la la
• Drive you out of my mind
• Yippee ki yay
• Dance her home

I couldn't get them to submit individually so trying this
539Tush Push, Texas Time, Cold HeartExcited to join you!09/15/2023
540Never gonna not dance, eyes closed, shaking my head,thriller,flatline09/15/2023