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In order to use this service you will need a “stream client” that supports “rtmp”.  A quick seach in your respective applications stores should find plenty of options.  

There are FREE options for streaming. We recommend OBS for Windows/MacOS and Larix for Smart Phones/Tablets.  

Be aware the adage “You get what you pay for” does apply here.  OBS, for example, can be unstable at times, and may require a restart.  From our expierence, problems with OBS are rare, but plausible..  There are many other premium, for pay, options available for Windows & Mac that will give you less risk of issues; however, they come at a cost.

Please review the instructions below.


Live Love Line uses similar technologies as YouTube Live, and Facebook Live.  A client application (STREAM CLIENT)  is used on a smartphone, tablet or computer to record your instruction or choreography.  The Audio and Video is in Sync when it is sent to LIVE LOVE LINE. 

Users use any tablet, smartphone or computer to visit an instructors dedicated video page to watch the live stream and text chat with other dancers. 

An instructor will configure their STREAM CLIENT only once.  Once configured the instructors needs to hit RECORD and within moments users will see their live stream.

User Accounts and Login

A dancer does not need an account or log on to watch a public/unlisted stream.

Viewers ONLY need to create an account OR login using Google or Facebook, if they want to participate in the streams CHAT conversations.

Broadcasters will need an account to access their configuration details and access download their videos for download.


Stream is a video page this is dedicated to one broadcaster.  If Jane Dancer has a stream and many different events a week, viewers simply need to go to Jane’s stream.

There are four types of streams that a broadcaster can choose from when requested a stream:.


Channel is a simple logical grouping of streams.   A Channel maybe dedicated to beginner Line Dancing or to Couples dancing; where as all streams in that channel fit that category.

Premium Streams & Channels

A Premium Stream is an option available to broadcasters to make their streams available by subscription or membership only.   A broadcaster have the option of managing membership of their premium channel. 

A Premium Channel is a means of offering a group of premium streams through a single membership. 

Time Tables and Blocks

Live Love Line was created for the sole purposes of helping keep dancers dancing during this time of COVID-19.  This service is provided for free to broadcasters to use. 

To keep our service free, Live Love Line will limit the number simulcasting streams and recordings.

To manage streams, we will ask choreographers to select time slots/blocks to be reserved each week for their use; similar to a TV channel guide.   We ask (with the exception of testing) to please limit your streams to the blocks you have negotiated.   We recommend no more than 2-hours, but addition time can be negotiated.

Special Event slots will be set aside for Saturday to allow for special or longer events.  

Maintenance windows will also be scheduled weekly to allow for updates and maintenance to be performed on the website. 

A calendar and guide will be made available on this site in the near future.

Getting Started {Broadcaster}

If you are a broadcaster and you would like to make a request please do the following. 

Open Broadcast Software (OBS)

OBS (Open Broadcast Software) is a free broadcasting/streaming tool for Windows/MacOS/ Linux.  This tool can be used to broadcast any video captured by your PC and pass it to Live Love Line. 

You can also stream to popular online site such as Facebook, YouTubeLive.

Instructions for use of OBS can be found on YouTube HERE.

Configure Your Stream

You will need your RTMP stream ID for your particular broadcast. (NOTE:  Some people might have multiple streams, you must select the appropriate one for the channel)

In OBS settings, select “Stream” and choose Custom… from the Service Type.  Enter your “stream_id” supplied on this page.


To stream simply hit Start Streaming… 

Streaming Using OBS

Larix Instructions

Larix is a free broadcasting/streaming tool for Android / Apple phones and tablets.   To use Larix, you will need to do a 1-time configuration of your RTMP stream. 

Instructions for configuring your stream can be found on YouTube.

Configure Your Stream

You will need your RTMP stream ID for your particular broadcast. (NOTE:  Some people might have multiple streams, you must select the appropriate one for the channel)

On the RTMP setup page set the URL to equal your RTMP path plus your key. 

(e.g., https://liveloveline.com/channel_id/key)

No Authentication needed at this time.

Streaming using Larix on Smartphone/Tablet

Going Live

Once you have configured your stream client it is time to test and go-live. 

There are two more things you need: 1) a link for your dancers, and 2) a cool page you can use to see the chat better or send a notification.  Both are unique to you and re-usable; it should never change. 

Both are available on your “Broadcasters Help” (this page). 

Your are welcome to use any option you choose. 

Virtual Dance Floor

This is the link that you give to your dancers.  Your dancers click the link and can start watching. This link should never change; you can use this link for all of your events. 

You can use this page as well.  Your can chat, and watch your own broadcast.

Broadcasters Booth

One requests broadcasters had was that the chat on the “Virtual Dance Floor” was hard to read; was there a way to make the text bigger.  A second request was “can I notify my dancers when I go live?”. 

Both of these requests where answered using your broadcast booth. 

Send Notifications

Dancers have the option of ‘subscribing’ to web notifications.  This means they will be notified with a ‘browser message’ when a broadcaster has gone live. 

You are given the option to send the notification when you are ready; this allows you to test or go-live early without dancers being notified.

This option is available for unlisted streams.  Be aware that all subscribers will be notified or your unlisted stream.

As of this moment, this feature has two limitations: 1) dancers are not yet able to pick who’s notification they receive, and 2) iPhone security prevents messages appearing. 

These features will hopefully be available in the future.

Lag / Delay

This site uses a technology that does cause a lag (or delay) of between 10-20 seconds from your recording to broadcast.  This is intentional and unavoidable at this time. 

The system provides a buffer of a number of seconds so users will not miss moments of a video in scenarios in which they have a loss of a local network. 

Standard Resolution

To maintain the free/low cost service all streams will be broadcasted and recorded in 480p (standard resolution). 

Setting your client to a higher resolution or bitrate will not improve your resolution when streaming and may cause delays in your stream.



As a broadcaster you should not need to do any additional setup or configuration.  Follow the instructions above and start streaming. 

If you are more stream savy, the following is a recommended configuration for your client.


854 x 480

video bitrate

1200 - 1500 kbps

audio bitrate






Video Codec


Practice and Test

To give your viewers the best experience, it is recommended that you take time to practice; learn how the best use your STREAM CLIENT.   Set up a test stream and invite a few patient dancers to join and give feedback.

LARIX (in our experience) is the easiest client to use.  Configure once, set it into a tripod and hit record.   When done, stop recording. When ready for your next live event, hit record.  LARIX uses your phones/tablets camera and microphone.


OBS (and other popular RTMP clients) offers many wonderful production features not available with LARIX. Features such as Picture-In-Picture and transitions.  OBS requires an addition camera and microphone; of which there are many options.   There is a learning curve for using OBS; however, once experienced, broadcasters can create some very creative and rewarding experiences for their viewers.


You can keep your STREAM unlisted until you are ready to go public. 

NOTE:  Your videos will be saved for up-to 14-days.  Try streaming and then viewing the resulting saved video.

Learn the CHAT tool

NOTE:  Users MUST be logged in to the site (either by creating a local account or login in using their Facebook or Gmail account).

CHAT is the 2nd most important feature of a LIVE experience.  Users can watch and chat with others logged in users.   There are many features available in the chat tool.  Once you have an account on the site a CHAT HELP will be available with further instruction.

Set Up the Best Recording Space

The best audio can be very tricky.  There are many factors that impact sound. 

  • Mute Your Monitor – if you monitor the Live Love Line page (to see what your dancers see), mute the feed. Otherwise users will have a bad echo. 
  • Play with the placement of speakers
  • Play with the placement  of the microphone
  • Try to reduce external noises
  • Disable fans that blow on the microphone. 
  • Adding items to a room might reduce echo’ing
  • Recommend the instructor use a microphone to play music and voice through the same speaker, or place yourself between the music and the microphone.  
  • Know your microphone, some microphones are directional.  The placement of yourself and your speaker (including height) can affect the quality of sound
  • Test, Test, Test.  Adjust your space and equipment as needed.
  • Check lose wires or connectors.  Rule of thumb. If a video recorded on the site then the problem is likely at the stream client.

Feedback and Contact Us

We do have “day jobs” but we will do our best to make ourselves available to help you test or answer any questions you may have.  Please use the contact us, or reply via Facebook or Email.

Please encourage your dancers to use the Feedback option.   We cannot make promise, but we will try our best to give users the best experience.

Start Stream 10-15 Prior to Scheduled Start

To ensure you have no recording or audio issues it is recommended you start your live stream prior to your scheduled start.   Additionally, users who connected to the stream, prior to you ‘going live’ will be staring at a blank page.  The site will not automatically start their video, they will need to refresh. 

Skipping and Freezing

We will never say “it is not us”.  It is very plausible that something on Live Love Line is causing your freezing and skipping.   More often; however, the issue is related to either the broadcasters internet or computer or the dancers internet.

If you are experiencing skipping and freezing: 

  • Make sure you have as few applications open on your recording device as you can.  Other applications might compete for internet or device resources. Google applications tend to consume a lot of resources. 
  • You need about 2-5mbs upload speed for a good stream.  Carriers often give you great download speeds (1gig) but small upload speeds (1 gig down / 35 mb up).  The more devices on your network, the more likely you will have freezing or problems. 
  • Try connecting directly to your router versus using WiFi.  Wifi is not as fast as direct cable connection, and too often walls, distance, objects and even lights can effect the quality of your connection.
  • If you are using an external drive or USB camera, sometimes the drive or camera could have a problem or the cable could be breaking.
  • Finally, try lowering your broadcaster resolution or framerate.   Live Love Line broadcasts at 480p.  It is recommended your FPS (frames per second) be between 24-30 FPS.  If you lower your stream client to match, this may help.  Recommend checking the developers website or internet for instructions on lowering resolution and/or frame rate.   FRAME RATE is how many ‘pictures’ make up a second of video.