Live Love Line uses similar technologies as YouTube Live, and Facebook Live.  A client application (STREAM CLIENT)  is used on a smartphone, tablet or computer to record your instruction or choreography.  The Audio and Video is in Sync when it is sent to LIVE LOVE LINE. 

Users use any tablet, smartphone or computer to visit an instructors dedicated video page to watch the live stream and text chat with other dancers. 

An instructor will configure their STREAM CLIENT only once.  Once configured the instructors needs to hit RECORD and within moments users will see their live stream.

User Accounts and Login

A dancer does not need an account or log on to watch a public/unlisted stream.

Viewers ONLY need to create an account OR login using Google or Facebook, if they want to participate in the streams CHAT conversations.

Broadcasters will need an account to access their configuration details and access download their videos for download.


Stream is a video page this is dedicated to one broadcaster.  If Jane Dancer has a stream and many different events a week, viewers simply need to go to Jane’s stream.

There are four types of streams that a broadcaster can choose from when requested a stream:.


Channel is a simple logical grouping of streams.   A Channel maybe dedicated to beginner Line Dancing or to Couples dancing; where as all streams in that channel fit that category.

Premium Streams & Channels

A Premium Stream is an option available to broadcasters to make their streams available by subscription or membership only.   A broadcaster have the option of managing membership of their premium channel. 

A Premium Channel is a means of offering a group of premium streams through a single membership. 

Time Tables and Blocks

Live Love Line was created for the sole purposes of helping keep dancers dancing during this time of COVID-19.  This service is provided for free to broadcasters to use. 

To keep our service free, Live Love Line will limit the number simulcasting streams and recordings.

To manage streams, we will ask choreographers to select time slots/blocks to be reserved each week for their use; similar to a TV channel guide.   We ask (with the exception of testing) to please limit your streams to the blocks you have negotiated.   We recommend no more than 2-hours, but addition time can be negotiated.

Special Event slots will be set aside for Saturday to allow for special or longer events.  

Maintenance windows will also be scheduled weekly to allow for updates and maintenance to be performed on the website. 

A calendar and guide will be made available on this site in the near future.

Getting Started {Broadcaster}

If you are a broadcaster and you would like to make a request please do the following. 

Register & Login to Participate in CHAT

* No password information is stored on this site. Note: you should receive two emails the first time you log in.  You should be able to ignore both unless you would like to disable social media login.

Log or Register Locally

Saved Videos

Videos will be saved for up to 2 weeks after recording.

This shortcode is for logged-in users only

Stream Request

You can request a stream using this form.  Given that LIVE LOVE LINE does offer limited streaming capabilities at no cost, new streams need to be approved. 

  • [Public] = Visible on the website and users can be anonymous
  • [Unlisted] = Not listed, anonymous users can access via LINK
  • [Premium] = Users must pay to access.

Please provide any donation links you would like added to your stream page.  This can be yours or to LDF or other organization.

Image Upload (png,jpg,gif)

Upload an Icon Image and a Banner Image for use on your stream. The icon should be square in shape and limited to 1mb in size.  The banner image should be rectangular (1:2) shape and under 3mb.  

Example: banner 1200px x 600px

Chat - Quick Start

ACCOUNT NOT REQUIRED TO WATCH MOST STREAMS. Account login only necessary to participate in CHAT streams.

Login Only

Users must be logged into participate in the CHAT.  You can login using your FACEBOOK or GOOGLE account (no passwords captured on this site) , or you can create an account on LiveLoveLine.

Privacy Policy

Chat Options (Chat Color, Notifications)

There are two options available to dancers;

  • chat color – change your color of your chat
  • notifications – receive an email if a chat was updated

You can find the options on the USER LIST.


Click OPTIONS in the lower corner of the screen. 


Mobile phone is a little trickier.  Look for the faded icon of people below the SEND button to find the User List. Then find OPTIONS. Hit this button to go back to chat.


NOTE: This feature will translate the sites default ENGLISH to your preferred language.

Click the TRANSLATE tab in the lower left corner and select the flag for the language you would like.

Hide Chat Window (PC)

You can hide the chat window by clicking the “minimize” button (the ‘-‘ symbol) in the chat window title bar.

Private Chat

You are able to private chat to another user by CLICKING on the users name in the CHAT menu and click “Send a Message”.


Reply to Message

You can reply to a users comment by rolling your cursor to roll over the icons on the right of that comment.

Click the ‘Reply To’ button.