If you every wanted to take line dance lessons but felt intimidated, now is the time to do it!! Because of Covid most people couldn’t get out to dance so now even the seasoned dancer feels like a beginner. Every Thursday for 4 weeks we’ll have a basic beginner class for $7 for 75 minutes. This is a basic class and I’ll have sheets with homework for you to do for each week. We will go over 15 of the basic steps and a handout for you to go home and practice. At the end of each class we will learn a beginner dance. The main thing to remember is that we will have fun and plenty of laughs!! Tell your family and friends to come out. Masks are to be worn while dancing. Our regular class for reviews, lessons and dancing starts at 6:30. If you decide to stay and dance and learn more the price for you is $8 instead of the regular $10. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

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