Fill the floor

Classics workshop and dance

Michael Diven &
Michelle Wright

Live Stream

Much like Facebook you can watch Michael and Michelle live here on Live Love Line  during the workshop hours of 12:00pm – 4:00pm.   

Chat with other dancers and with your hosts throughout the workshop.  Come back later to review the lessons with access to the recordings.

  • Will I need an account for Live Love Line?
    Yes, you will need a Live Love Line (LLL) account to watch the video. You can either register one now, or (if you don't already have a login) one will be created when you register for this event.
  • Will you stream the evening dance and reviews?
    No. After the workshop is completed the camera will be turned off. Check your email; however, as the days workshop(s) should be recorded and available to you after the workshop has completed.
  • Can I chat like Facebook?
    There is a CHAT feature that will allow you to chat with your hosts and other dancers on the stream.
  • Can I stream to my TV?
    This is dependent on your device. Most tablets and iPhones do support streaming to screens. (Apple, Android)
  • How long will recordings be available?
    30 days
    The recordings should be available up-to 30 days after the event.,
  • I don't use PayPal can I pay some other way?
    Contact Michelle directly at michellewrightlinedance@gmail.com to register.

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