NYSOL – LLL Events

Register Now Learn and dance the dances that are danced in Line Dance Workshops “Main Ballrooms”.   Instruction by Choreographer and Renown Instructor Rosie Multari. (732) 267-2891 multari@aol.com Previous Next Register Now Main Ballroom – May 22nd, 2022 Register now to reserve your space on the floor. Payment can be made through PayPal friends and family. […]

Eurodance 2022

Virtual Eurodance 2022 £ 30 3 Days of Dance 2 Rooms Simulcast Stream Live or Replay Hi-Res. Recordings* Register Now *Videos available after the weekend. Stream Eurodance Facebook Page Top Line dance DJs and Choreographers from around the world converge in June of 2022 at the beautiful Victorian Prince of Wales Hotel. If you are […]

Gary O’Reilly Home

Choose this if you prefer the screen to be fullscreen,  You would hit a button to access chat. Full Screen Will show the video large screen. Chat will be hidden until clicked Choose this option if you would like to see the video and chat window on the same screen. Split Screen Chat box appears […]