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Web ‘Now Live’ Notifications

Today we release to you a new feature available to your Broadcaster Booth page.  

You will have the ability to send a ‘web notification’ to subscribers of this site.  Notify your dancers that the feature is now available. 

Have users locate the Circular Bell in the lower left corner of every page of the site.  Have them click to subscribe. 

Navigate to your Broadcaster Booth.  When it is time click, the Send Notification button.   All uses who have subscribed to the site will see a pop-up on their browser.   Clicking the pop-up will take them to your stream.

As always this site is under constant development.  Some features, such as this notification , is a new technology. Although we desire perfection, some bugs maybe expected. Notify us immediately if you notice something unexpected.

February 13, 2021

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