Eurodance 2024 – Test

Success, you are ready to go.  Sit back relax, and keep an eye on your email.  As we approach the date, more information will be sent to your email address.  […]

Eurodance 2024 – Attendees

Eurodance Recordings As an attendee of Eurodance 2024, you have the option of obtaining recordings of Bamber and Windsor workshops.  £15 Come back after you get home to review and […]

Eurodance 2024 – Thank you

The registration has been completed.   Once confirmed, Big Dave will grant you access. You will need an account to access the live stream and recordings.  If you already have […]

Eurodance 2024

Eurodance OnLine Awesome Linedancing will be live streaming part of this year’s 2024 Eurodance.   £40 get you live access and recordings of all scheduled workshops held in the Windsor […]