DAVID and KAREN WYLDE started the Waxhaw Line Dance Club on January 6, 2012. They had been looking for a place to dance since their move from Indianapolis in 2005. There weren’t as many choices as they thought there would be, nor as many as were available in Indy. They wanted a place where they could share their love of music and dance and have an enjoyable time. After dancing here and there for a little bit, they decided they wanted something more permanent. It was decided Waxhaw would be a great place to do some line dancing.

They opened the doors to their first night of dancing on Friday, January 6, 2012, and danced every Friday night for over 8 years with the exception of inclement weather and/or local power outages. Their last dance was Friday, March 13, 2020, as everything was shutting down due to COVID. When everything was starting to normalize, they made the tough decision not to return. David had retired and wanted to enjoy the other side of the dance floor. With that said, we are excited to announce….

Line Dancing returns to Waxhaw!!

January 6th, 2023


In 2022, Donna and Craig left their home in Philadelphia on their way to Charlotte, NC. Left behind was their friends, family, their dance floor and dancing family. 

It was destined for Donna and Craig to find Waxhaw.  Much like Karen and David, Donna and Craig loved sharing their love of music and line dancing with others.  After a quick introduction to fellow NC resident, Dede, at the 2022 NYSOL, it was only a matter of time, before Donna and Craig found their way to Karen, David and the Waxhaw Line Dance Club. 

On January 6th, exactly 11 years to-the-day Karen and David kicked off Waxhaw line dancing, the doors open again at the American Legion 208 to line dancers of all ages and expertise.

About us

I am sure many of you asked “who the ____ are Donna and Craig?” I would. The answer is simple…


OuR Story

The story starts with Donna almost 20 years ago when friends encouraged her to go out to a country club to line dance. That was it, just like so many, she was forever hooked to line dancing.  With so many options, at the time, Donna had tons of opportunities to dance; and she danced.

Fast forward 6 years and she met Craig, who loved music, but avoided country at all costs.  “I like to dance”, she said to him in passing.  Ha !!! A statement Craig equated to a small breeze, was actually more a category 5 hurricane “I  LOVE TO DANCE!!!” slamming into him.  Eventually Craig relented to Donna’s constant pleading, and caved. Now both Donna and Craig sing praises for dancing. 

Another hop in time and Donna is sitting in a chair at the hairstylist. A two minute conversation with her hairstylist about line dancing led to Donna and Craig’s first “gig” to instruct and dance at a local women’s club.  That gig begot a bigger gig which begot an even bigger gig and then …..COVID. 

Determined to keep dancing Donna and Craig went to ZOOM and invited our dancers to weekly dance parties.  As society got more comfortable opening doors, Donna and Craig would take speakers, a microphone and a power convertor to invite all to dance in local mall parking lots. Connecting with the renown DJ Tony Romeo at Prospectors led to a partnership that turned  a “Parking Lot Party” into more than a Canadian Stomp.  

Thanks to Tony, Donna, and Craig, dancers would weather the heat, the cold, the rain and MASKS and dance multiple times a week on the unforgiving tarmac of their favorite line dance club.

When the doors did finally open Donna and Craig were invited to become a house instructor, house DJ, and stay on the operations team, with Tony, to help restore Prospectors to its pre-COVID glory.  Thanks to this team Prospectors became, again, a premier destination for dancing; welcoming dancers, of all levels, from all around the country.

During COVID Donna and Craig were awakened to a whole new world of dance. Relationships they made, through their ongoing support of others during COVID, led them to discover the world of “workshops”, “mainstream”, “newline”, “masters in line”, “choreographers”, “dance masters”, “the circuit”.  Country Line Dancing was only a small pond; before them now was an ocean of opportunities of dances and dancing. 

This chapter ends with Donna’s day job (you know the necessary evil that helps pay for all this dancing) called her down to Charlotte.  Donna and Craig packed their cars, said goodbye and headed south. 

A new chapter begins….