Beginner Paced Lessons

We LOVE our beginner dancers.  We ALL started at the same place; deer in a headlights, overwhelmed, intimidated. We improved. 

We will be focusing on our beginners the first hour of all REGULAR nights.  We call them Beginner Paced Lessons as to differentiate from Beginner Level Dance.  Beginner paced; basically means we will break down the major steps of a dance prior to the dance lesson.  During the dance lesson the dancers are given the steps they learned to help retention.

An ideal night we will break down a 32 count dance into its components, teach the dance, dance the dance, and repeat the dance.   One or Two additional dances will then be taught that builds on the components taught earlier.  Repeat, Repeat, Repeat; until muscle memory. 

After a number of weeks; or dancers will start picking up dances from the lessons scheduled after 8:00pm.

We will have absolute beginners every week.  No one would be happy if we repeat the lessons week after week; dancers will want to graduate to the next level. 

We will do our best to record EVERY beginner lesson; break them down into chapters, and post them on YouTube. 

We will publish links on this site; organized like an OnLine Lesson.  We encourage new dancers to visit the YouTube channel to pick up more of the basics.